Sunday, January 11, 2015

And the next Olympic Gold Medal Winner is.....

Congratulations goes out to Emmie this evening, as she ran her first downhill ski race this weekend and came in 4th overall!


That is Emmie up there in the Starting Box, just getting ready to race down the slope! The Ski Slope is just an hour and a half from their home in Johnson City.

Emmie was supposed to race a couple of weeks ago, but the race got cancelled due to no snow on the course...that seems to be fixed now! They have been having great weather the past few days in Tennessee. Way to go Emmie!

Not much on the go here today, just took life easy. Helped out Tom with an electrical problem on his truck, but that was just a blown fuse. We hit up in the 80's today...felt great!

Till tomorrow...

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  1. Emmie is looking so nice in her outfit, way to go girl.
    Heat wave here today 27 ! Much better than its been.