Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cypress Gardens Water Ski Show...

Whew...back to blogging again after another break. I have been taking a bit of a break from daily Blogging lately as you have noticed, just due to the nature of the beast. We have been enjoying our time in Florida, and I am reluctant to Blog about mundane things happening around our Park.

Yesterday was one of those days we had something happening. We got to take in the Cypress Gardens Water Ski Show. This Group has been doing these shows for over 50 years now and people have come from around the World to watch them.

The Show has changed a bit from the older days... but they still do a lot of the same things...

This picture above is typical of a Cypress Gardens Show... their trademark! They did this exact stunt yesterday for us, but iPhone had died by that time so did not get the pic! Rats! All of the following pictures I took yesterday, some may have a bit of a blur, as I was back from the action a bit, and have cropped a lot of the pictures...

The girls above were actually just kids, and did a fantastic job with the pros.

Above is part of the large crowd that showed up for the show. It is free, however they do take a free will collection at the shows...helps with the cost of the show and gas for the boats. Tom and Cheryl came to the show with us, on Lake Silver in Winter Haven. I took a series of different videos with my iPhone and will post them below for your viewing pleasure if you so desire. They are all fairly short clips and give you an idea of some of the action during the show.

Overall just a great way to spend a couple hours on a nice Saturday afternoon in Florida.

Till tomorrow...


  1. A nice way to spend a couple of hours, for sure. I recall just how much I loved water skiing. I sure did a lot of it as a youngster.

  2. We used to pull the kids around on skis with our old boat but I never did learn to ski. I can only imagine how difficult some of those stunts must be. That looks like a fun show.

  3. Mow that sounds like another fun day.

  4. Like you, John, I've been taking a break from daily blogging but the illness is hard to cure that's for sure.

    Great video clips!