Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Team Canada is Golden!

What a game!


Team Canada deserves their time in the lime light! Last night was a thrilling 5 to 4 victory over Team Russia, that put one heck of a fight, and refused to go away! This is what hockey is meant to be! TSN would agree, as last night at around 10:30, viewers peaked out in Canada at 9.1 Million people, with an average of over 7 million watching the game! That is how you sell advertising! We had an impromptu Team Canada viewing party down here in Florida, with a total of 7 people from the Park coming over to my man cave to catch the game which I was able to set up outside with my portable TV. Things did get a little loud and out of control at times, but all my neighbours were very good about it, and the police never did show up! Sure was nice to hear "O Canada" at the end of that one!

Our weather has simply been wonderful for the past while, with temperatures topping out around 85 deg. F. each day lately. Today was no exception. I have got some work done though lately... check it out...

I was able to get the upper nose cone cleaned up and wax with 3 coats yesterday. How you might ask? Glad you did! With Tom here in the park, I was able to borrow his extension ladder, which matches mine. They also stand in an A shape with the bent legs extended. I simply put one on each side of my engine, and placed a 12 foot, 2 X 10 board across the two ladders to form a makeshift scaffold. It worked just great!

Here I am climbing up the far side of my scaffold... getting ready to go to work.

Presto, there I am, all in position to clean the nose cone. I use to climb up on the roof, and extend my body over the nose cone, trying to hold on for dear life! Only expense was $12.00 for the board, which Tom and I split on, as he has plans for it as well.

The board sat 2 inches above my motor, just perfect, and the board also did not bend under my weight. (Come on... I don't weigh that much you know....)

Yesterday, one of our Neighbours from Wisconsin, Doyle, turned 75 years young, so Mark and Marsha held a Happy Hour Birthday Party for him! There was close to 40 people show up...

That is Doyle, (in all his glory) sitting with some of his girlfriends he brought to the party with him! Great time had by all!

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a good idea you had to get high enough to clean and polish the front of your rig.

    Yes, those junior hockey players sure made us proud.