Friday, January 2, 2015

Rocking into the New Year...

Finally found my Bluetooth Keyboard for my iPad... seemed to be missing the past couple of days while I enjoyed ringing in the New Year. Hard to believe it is 2015!

Kind of funny to sit here watching the CTV Toronto News cast tonight, and the lead storey is that gasoline is now selling for .869 in Toronto! Unheard of. Lets hope it stays that way I guess, for all of 2015! You just know what is going to happen next! Everyone will be out buying up the biggest SUV's they can find! After all, the price of that gas will never go back up...will it???


Judy and I, along with Tom and Cheryl, rocked in the New Year at a dance down in our Club House. Over 220 people showed up and the place was just a rocking to the sounds of Rick Arnold. He may not be quite a household name entertainer, but he did tour with Dr. Hook if all you 70's people out there remember that Band.

Rick is very popular here in Central Florida, and puts on a great show, which gets everyone up dancing on the floor. We all had a blast...

Just a quck short video above to show off Ricks prowess on the guitar!

I borrowed this picture above off of Cheryl's Blog, I was helping Tom out with a small computer problem in his new Man Cave. Check out the flat screen TV available for hockey games or whatever else come on! Tom may never see the outside world again!


Other than that, we have been taking the New Year pretty easy... however tomorrow we plan a day trip over to Fort Pierce, which is over on the Atlantic Ocean Coast of Florida. Should be fun.

Till tomorrow...



  1. keep on having fun there and enjoy the low fuel prices.

  2. Nice little hide-a-way your friend Tom has.