Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bits and bites...

While everyone in Ontario is freezing we continue to enjoy the warmth of good old Florida. Today the temps just got up into the 70's F. and there was lots of sun, so all is good. Next few days it goes up over 80 again. We will take it!

Last Thursday our Daughter, Kristina celebrated her Birthday. We had a real good laugh with her when we called her first thing in the morning to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

When we were all talking on Facetime, Gwenny runs up to the iPad and says " Hey Granny and Pop Pop, we got Mommy earings for her Birthday, but it is a surprise!" What comes out of the mouth of babes... you had to be there... kinda funny! I was also laughing as Gwenny wore a tiara on her head everytime I saw her, to celebrate Mommy's Birthday.


Looks to me like Charlie is just getting ready to push his big mitts into that Chocolate Birthday Cake if you ask me...

I borrowed these pics above from Kristina's Blog. It was sure great to be able to see Kristina enjoy Her special day with her Husband and Children. She is doing well, and is getting ready to welcome # 3 early in March, so get ready to move over Charlie and Gwenny!

The last couple days we have been taking it easy around the Resort, enjoying all the facilities. (That means hot tub for me!) We made a trip up north with Tom and Cheryl, Roger and Terri to attend a couple Saturday Markets. The first was a disappointment up in Winter Haven, located in the old Downtown section. Only about 7 or 8 little booths with not much of anything. They did have some different art and scupture work in the Park though...

I took the above pics of a couple of the pieces... the lower one is a horse, and I thought it was kind of neat...all made out of drift wood pieces!

The Winter Haven Police had their fancy car there, advertising two different rides home... the one in the Taxi for about $20.00, or a ride home in the Police Car after being convicted of DUI, and costing about $7,600.00! The choice is yours!

We carried on up to Auburndale and attended the big market there...never got any pics... but had a good time, and then we all went out to lunch at Chilis! Great way to spend a day!

Till tomorrow...

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  1. Nice pics of your daughter's birthday party.
    Love the police car too!