Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Canadian Snowbird Extravaganza!

Again this year, we made our annual trek up to Lakeland, in Central Florida, to attend The Canadian Snowbird Extravaganza! Why??? Cause it is a lot of fun, thats why...

Lakeland is a bigger City than most people give it credit for, and it has a real nice conference centre where they hold the big show. Oh ya, it's FREE!!!!! Go figure!
They have a lot of displays, but best of all, a lot of good free entertainment, including headliner, John McDermot and Michelle Wright.
Ever want to know what to do with your old Rubics Cube, that you could never figure out how to solve! No problem, I found the answer at this show, check out the short video below on how to fix your cube.
All these people above were with me! We were just waiting for the show to start... you would never know it, but there were about 2,000 other people in the theatre with us. We were just at the very back of the balcony!
Had a blast!
Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad to read you enjoyed the show.
    We made it last year but weren't feeling to good this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.