Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mens day out!

Tom and I were two of the very few people who got out walking on the course this morning. Seems not too many wanted to walk in 40 deg. F. type weather...however the sun was out, so not too bad. The bigger problem was a very, very stiff breeze along with the cold temperatures. Didn't stop us though, as we walked our regular 5 miles.

After our walk, we soaked in the Resort hot tub which was just a perfect thing to do. Of course all the people walking by laugh at us "Canadians" who are out in the hot tub in freezing temperatures! Must be a Canadian thing...

Dried off from the tub, and then picked up with Tom's Cousin, Roger who is now down here, and we had a mission to attend to! The other day when Judy and I were down in Seabring visiting the State Park, I noticied that Harbour Freight had opened a new Store!


This is certainly a good place to send your man if you want to get rid of him for a while Ladies.... most of us can just browse through this store and simply not want to leave. They have just about everything you need to fix/built/renovate/start/stop/glue/drill/cut/saw/ if you get the drift... you have to watch out for flyers though, and check the dates on them. For example, they have a nice variable speed,reversible, 18 volt cordless power drill for sale at $24.00, including the charger for the battery. After looking at the flyer, I noted that the drill goes on sale tomorrow for only $16.00! Some may view this as an excuse to go back, and I think they are right!

We made a day of it all, and had a blast. We hit a bunch of other stores as well, keeping the local Florida economy going.

Made it back to the Resort just in time for Happy Hour, funny how that works!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gotta love goinginto Harbor Freight, just too much fun.

  2. I concur! It is a good place to browse for tools and accessories. I am a fan.