Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Largest RV Show in the World...

Every year in Tampa, at the Florida State Fairgrounds, they host the largest RV Show in the World!

$6.00 will park your car, or $12.00 will park your RV if you choose to bring it! Many do... We took the Cruze today.

$18.00 to get both of us through the turnstyle and onto the Fairgrounds. If I counted right, about 100,000 other people joined us! It was busy. Guess what... the U. S. economy has recouvered! All is well again, and even the gas prices are low, so it must be the right time to buy a new RV!

I could not even begin to count the RV's at this show. Crazy, is all I can say. From very small to the big 45 foot diesel pushers! From $20,000 to $1,000,000.00, it just depends on the size of your wallet!

Now I did find a few things that I never ran into before... check these out.

#1. How about opening the side door of your brand new RV and seeing this!!!!

Can't recall ever seeing this before, and I have been through my share of RV's. I guess it would be OK if you were outside and got cut short... you would be right

I really like this motorhome layout above. Talk about being able to watch the Leaf's play while you enjoy your dinner! Allright! That TV just pops out of the counter top, and as you can see, it is not a real small one. Nice coach! The pic below shows the rest of the layout inside... I could handle this one! Had to drag Judy out of this one, as she was starting to look for the phone number of our Financial Planner! Sheesh!

We hot a laugh out of this armidillo chuck wagon below, being followed by the cowboy on his horse! (the chuck wagon was electric...)


We ran into some people from our Park while at the show, and also met up with John and Shiela, who summer in our Park up in Woodstock! They are enjoying the Florida harsh winter, and we plan on meeting up with them soon.

It was a big show, and we had a good time walking around for most of the day!

Till tomorrow...


  1. There is so much to see that is new at these large RV shows. That rig you were looking at seemed to be ideally suited for you two.

  2. We always enjoy looking, at new ideas, and exploring the many different types of rv's.

  3. Thought the exterior door to the 1/2 bathroom was a neat idea until it looks like it has a screen door :-)