Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time to get moving...

Things cooled off here a bit today, (if you can call it that...) as our high was only in the early 70's rather than our usual 85+ temps... we will survive!

We decided to get moving today, so loaded up our bikes and headed down to Seabring, 1/2 hour drive south of us, and made our way to Highlands Hammock State Park. We have been to this Park in the past, but it remains one of our favourites. We decided on it, as they showed they had over 6 miles of bike trails.


Takes less than 10 minutes to load up the bikes on the bike carrier I have owed! We were off!

The board above gives a bit of an overall glimps of the park. Great hiking, and camping here with other activities.

We started right off on the bike trail... check out the red dirt along the path. Trail is nice and level here, as there are simply no real hills in Florida. ( Have you ever seen a swamp with hills?) I even managed to crack off a selfie with the iPhone and caught Judy in the background grinning away...

They have a great board walk hike out over the swamp... check out the bird's reflection...
Hey Judy...the hand rail is missing...hang on!

We found a real nice spot to enjoy our packed lunch... egg salad galore!


We took the time after lunch to enjoy a few of the trails, about 20 minutes each. They had great bike parking spots as you cannot bike on the hiking trails.

Was running my Argus App on the iPhone to track our biking adventure. We did an additional 4 Kms after this screen shot was taken. Looking at the speed graph at the bottom, it looks like we did a lot of starting and

Neat looking Palm Tree along the trail...

Grapefruits growing in the wild. Too high to reach.

Overall, just another great day to enjoy outside!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Nothing like being on the move, we enjoy it so much, just moving in the wrong direction right now. Have too much fun out there.

  2. That was a nice bicycle ride. Love the red earth and the trees.

  3. Great bike ride and I especially liked your photos! Great to have a boardwalk over the swamp above the gators waiting below!