Thursday, January 22, 2015

Manatee County Fair...

On Wednesday, Judy and I took a run over to the City of Bradenton on the Gulf Coast, to meet up with her Brother, Howard and Wife, Terri. Was probably one of the warmest days this winter, as the temps were way up there in the upper 80's. No snow to shovel around here!

Howard had phoned and asked us if we were interested in visiting the Manatee County Fair, so we figured, hey, why not!

Terri has had problems with her legs lately, so she stayed at home, while the three of us hit the Fair... only $5.00 each to get in as it was Sr.'s pays to get old I guess...

We got there just past 12:00 so the window for lunch was open. LOTS and LOTS of food booths at this Fair, as Judy and I split a nice Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, while Howard fired back a great looking Angus Burger... No one was left hungry!

They had a bunch of exotic animals on disply, including a Wallaby...

Howard and I were sitting in the stands waiting for the start of the pig racing... yes, they race pigs, seems to be a big thing around here... check out the video below and place your bet!

There were all kinds of people out to watch the race, including a bunch of school kids and their teachers who made a field trip of the Fair.

Now, our friend Debbie, (and Gerard) would have been right there for the performance of the Sun Coast Murmers... a big orchestra that put on a good show with about 1,000 people in attendance. Oh...Gerard and Deb are on their way out west as I type, heading for Az. Have a good trip you two!

There was a Tricky Dog Show... all reclaimed dogs, this guy did a great job, but it was really hot, so he cut his show a bit short until it cooled down later in the afternoon. Check out the short videos below...

They had a Manatee County Museum we went into, and Howard found an item below, that even the Museum People did not know what it was. It is not a bell, the handle on the top shifts to 3 different positions, and does nothing in the bottom of the thing. Let me know if you can identify it! It was used in farming is about all that we know.

Darned if I know what it is...
We finished up at the Fair, and headed back to their rental unit for a great supper that Terri put together for us. Had a great time you two! Thanks again for dinner!
Till tomorrow...



  1. Great fun. And the price of entry was good too.

  2. Looks like some fn times, thought you guys were heading to Arizona this winter too?

  3. Nothing like a good pig race to make a great day!