Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cool Ehhhh....

Yes, today was a bit cool... only got to about 50 degrees F. today, due mainly to the fact we are up over 3,500 feet in the mountains...

We took life a lot easier today, resting up from out big trip yesterday! This morning I finished up cleaning the RV and trailer after our trip from Las Vegas. It rained a bit on that trip, and when you have the big rig out in the rain it is going to get dirty. It takes over two hours to clean up the rig and about 45 minutes to do the bike trailer, but it has to be done! It is ready now for our next adventure, probably over to the Anza-Borrego Desert next week!

Judy did a load of laundry this morning while I was RV cleaning. We had lunch and headed into the small Towns of Boulevard and Campo. We were looking for some groceries, however these towns do not even have a grocery store! At best we only found a small market type store that we picked up items that we needed.

We had great conversations on Skype this afternoon with Chris and Kristina, Shawn, Jenn and Emmie, and also with David and Angela up in Bracebridge. Good to talk to you all today! Seems the weather is getting better in Ontario... this is good, we do not want to see any snow when we get home!

Tomorrow is Judy's Birthday and I am going to make her a Birthday Cake! This will be a first! Check tomorrows blog for the results!

Till tomorrow...

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