Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vegas can wear you out!

We spent all afternoon and this evening touring the Los Vegas Strip... had a great day with Deb and Gerard...

We took the bus from our RV Resort down to the strip and met up with the Kraemers. We walked around with the million other tourists... and took in the sites... it has really changed since Judy and I were here 25 years or so ago.

We went out for dinner at a fantastic buffet at their Hotel, and the then took in a Los Vegas Show.... "Vini Favorito" it was a comedy show and real good. Had a blast...

Judy took pictures today but it is now after midnight and we just got home after about 2 hours on the bus to get here, as we had to wait for a transfer... so no pics tonight on the blog, they take too long to load up.... tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...

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  1. When in Vegas you should go and see the Big E He is an Elvis impersonator at Bill's Gambling Hall and Casino right on the strip opposite Caesars Palace. He is quite good and it is free