Saturday, March 20, 2010

A nice quiet day!

A perfect day in California today, about 28 deg. C. just the way you like it- no clouds, lots of sun.
Had a nice skype call with Kristina this morning, and all is well with her and Chris and there animals. Judy went down and sat and read at the beach while I did some work around the RV...had to set up the Star Choice dish, and do some work with my cables... wanted to get this done as there was a big hockey game tonight with Toronto and Montreal! As it turns out, Toronto wins in a shootout... love it, but my cousin Fred in Mexico might be having a bit of a heart attack these days wondering about his Habs!

This afternoon we walked out of the park to a shop Judy wanted to go to to get some special skin cream she likes. It is hard to find, and she was so excited about finding it we bought 2 bottles!
On our way back we stopped at a hair salon and both got new hair doos... I wanted to get mine buzzed as summer is here and it is nicer wearing the bike helmet with your hair buzzed.
We walked back by the waterfront to our Resort. There was this huge park, right on Misson Bay, which is directly off the Pacific Ocean at San Diego.

Lots of wild flowers growing, including these black eyed Susans...

We came across a bunch of these Bird's of Prey!

This is the front of the resort as you drive in... or walk in our case!

They spend lots of time on flowers at the resort...
Today was a big bike poker run that was held in the park, with the money raised going to abused children...
They had quite a few bikes out, mostly Harleys...

Now I am thinking this bike belongs to a Women... note the cloth seat!
We made it back to the RV, we have a nice set up here.

Judy ordered a pizza from Domino's for dinner online, and man, do they deliver... you can track your order on line here.... very cool and good pizza.

Watched the game and took like easy this afternoon and this evening.

Till tomorrow...

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