Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Oasis in the Desert!

Today will be our last full day in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park, and we ended it off with a bang! We were up again at the crack of dawn.... 7:00 a.m. and we got our lunch to go ready, and headed off for the Visitor's Centre. That was the trail head for the Palm Valley Trail. It was a beautiful morning here, and we knew it was going to get hot, so that is why the early get to finish early!

Here we are at the trail head.... a couple from San Diego took our you can tell, it was a pretty nice day here....

This ended up being a 6.3 mile hike from the Visitor's Centre.... a lot on a hot desert day, but we were ready for it.... lots of ice water, and a nice lunch all prepared in advance.

Oh oh.... I loaded this by mistake side ways.... lots of flowers anyways....

These rocks here were painted by mother nature... An incredible thin coating of microscopic bacteria colonies.... These may be the oldest life forms! These colours took over 10,000 years to form... man am I smart!

There was at least 300 people on this trail today, and about 100 of them asked Judy "where are you from"..... wonder why.... what an ice breaker that shirt is.... we ran into lots of Canadians!

The hike was up the Palm Canyon.... and there is an actual river running down the canyon...

Yes, there was a few boulders in the way between us and the end of the canyon.

The end of our run.... there was the Oasis.... a bunch of palm trees and some water!
Judy is showing her agility to cross the river....

The palms were getting closer!
Almost there!
We made it, over 3 mile out... I was glad to stop and have some food and water....

This guy knew how to keep cool in the cold mountain stream, he was right into it!

We never did see any long horned sheep that the brochure promised! But we did have a bunch of fun!

Made it back to the RV and had a nice skype call with David and Angela in Bracebridge!

Till tomorrow...

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