Friday, February 1, 2013

All that nice weather... and I'm under it!

Well, today involved a whole lot of sitting on the couch kind of like a big lump. The cold I picked up over the last couple days did me in, and has a big hold on Judy as well.

I watched a bit of TV today, and got caught up on the news a bit, and noticed a big snow storm hitting southern Ontario. There was a 50 car pile up on Highway 401 right at Woodstock this afternoon, and the 401 is still closed! What a mess...they just keep smashing into each other...

Kristina turned out to be my eyes and ears today for the blog, and sent me a couple photos from Woodstock area...

Yes, that is Gwenny tucked inside that snow suit, with Kristina reporting she loves to go outside in the snow.

Although I am not too sure about Chris above, who ended up with the business end of that shovel. Gotta be able to get the cars in and out!

Enjoy the snow you guys!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gwenny's little nose is just about as pink as her snowsuit!! It's cold here in Oregon but at least we don't have all that snow here in the valley. Hope you and Judy feel better soon so you can enjoy your good weather.

  2. Isn't snow just the prettiest to view in photos....especially so when we don't have to deal with it?

    Hope your cold dissipates quickly and you can get back to exploring Florida.

    Well, there is the Super Bowl on TV this weekend and the Waste Management PGA Golf Tournament is on from Phoenix too. If you are still lazying about the couch, there is something to watch.

  3. That Gwenny is about the cutest thing ever. Sure wish we could keep that ability to enjoy even the cold as we get older. I've lost it somewhere along the line. Sure hope you guys get to feeling better soon. This crud has really been going around and the cough seems to hang on forever. Take good care of yourselves.

  4. Oh boy...those colds can hang on for a while. Hope tomorrow brings you feeling much better.

  5. That Gwenny is just the cutest little thing. All I can see is her little red nose. Get well quick. Good thing the Super Bowl is on this weekend.

  6. That 401 by Woodstock has always been a bad stretch. Glad we are not there anymore in the winter.
    Hope your colds get better faster than ours, they hung on for over a month after our trip to Ontario in December.

  7. Too bad about the nasty colds but remember when we all had to tough out those miserable things in the freexing cold of a rotten Ontario winter. We Snow Birds are sooooo fortunate:))

  8. Good to see Gwenny all bundled up to keep warm in that snow and cold.

    Tough luck about the colds but I guess airports and airplanes are just as bad as hospitals for catching nasty viruses.

  9. At least you can't blame us for the colds this year!!! Planes, trains, automobiles and small kids...the best way to catch a cold. Hope you both feel better soon. Maybe some of your famous Maple pancakes might :)