Friday, February 8, 2013

We had a busy one yesterday...

Phew... what a day yesterday turned out to be... a long one!

We stayed over at the Condo with Teri and Howard and woke up to a beautiful morning, warm and sunny! Teri and Howard had some work to finish off cleaning the Condo as it was their last day, and we were simply going to give them a ride up to the Airport in Tampa, about 1/2 hour away.

However before dropping them off, we wanted to go and visit the Florida State Fair that was just starting yesterday up in Tampa, at the Tampa Fairgrounds. This Fair is huge!


The Fairgrounds are really nice, with lots of little lakes inside. Lots of people showed of the the first day of this 2 week fair!


To get and idea of how big the place really was, we thought a tram ride would be good...

Howard was wrenching his neck trying to get pictures...




That gives you a bit of an idea how big it is... what you don't see are all the buildings with the inside exhibits. The rides were many!


Judy really liked this sign on the giant slide... hmmmmmmm.....

Why do you always end up doing crazy things at the fair... I just couldn't keep away from the Shooting Gallery, and as you can see, Howard joined me! It was a blast!

There was lots of livestock at the show... cows, horses, you name it, and of course "The Three Little Pigs" were there! There was one cow they had on display giving birth! Everyone was able to watch... quite unique... as this is a family blog, that pictures stays on the camera!

Hey, now here I am playing with a chick I picked up! Yahoo! Teri has one too...

We all got playing around with the Chicks!


They had a large Cow Competition... they take this stuff very serious here!


Howard and Teri were playing around with the goats!


We went to visit Cracker Country... that is what they called the Florida Cowboys that herded cattle... the Crackers! They used the sound of a Whip Lash, to herd the cows and keep them moving.

Some Country Entertainment...

We found the "Governor's House", where they had portraits of all the Florida Governors.


Judy learned how to play a neat instrument, can't remember what it is called, but you bow it like a violin. She was playing Amazing Grace in no time!

After the Fair we dropped Howard and Teri off at their Hotel for the night and went to dinner with them at iHop! That is when we finally figured out that "hey" there is this great big huge snow storm, all set to hit in the north east, including Toronto, and Buffalo, where they were going to land. A weather alert on the U. S. Airways warned of bad weather and delays. Howard tried for about 2 hours to contact them on the phone, but it didn't go through, and we even tried going to the Tampa Airport to see them, but it was all closed, so they decided to go back to the Condo and call the Airlines today. By the time we dropped them back at the Condo, and made it back to the RV, it was past midnight, and the Jeep turned into a pumpkin!

I don't know what we are going to do now, but Howard and Teri did manage to change their flights to next Tuesday, so they are happy as they get a nice extended vacation. Looks like the storm has now hit, and it is a bad one, so better to stay in Florida than travel in that anyways.

That's it for tonight, gotta go and figure out what to do with my pumpkin...

Oh, WAIT! Want to show you a picture off of the Blog Page from the School that our little Emmie goes to in Ottawa. We were warned that there was something special for us on the Blog.

They have nice technology at the School, including a "Smart Board" that Emmie used to give Judy and I a "shoutout" on. It is a picture of a butterfly! We made sure to give her a phone call to thank her!

Till tomorrow...



  1. a great day at the fair!! nice 'chick' you picked up!!

  2. Gotta love the technology available to the young children now, at least you can keep in touch easily.
    The fair looked like a great time too.
    Sure glad that we are down south here too, away from that "winter" weather back home.

  3. Thanks for a great tour of the Fair - sure beats walking around through all those people.

    Great 'shout-out' from Emmie!

  4. Hey John might that instrument that Judy was playing called a "Dulcimer" ?