Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back in the saddle again...

While we are not quite firing away on all 8 cylinders, today we had at least 7 of them pumping away as we start to feel better and get back to the land of the living...


Turned out to be a beautiful day here, with temps up to the 80's and nothing but sun shine! This morning we decided to get some exercise and take our bicycles out for a spin around the area.

We biked through two local golf communities this morning for 45 minutes... the courses were jammed packed this morning with golfers!

The lakes were like a sheet of glass today with zero wind and check out the blue sky going on there.

We made it back to the RV for lunch and decided we were not done for the day, so I wanted to check out a local Museum in Lake Wales ... only a 10 minute drive away.


The Museum is located inside the old Lake Wales Train Station. It provides a lot of history on the Town, that was formed in 1911.

Above are special Barby Dolls, that are only sold at Christmas Time. They are a special issue since 1988 I bellieve, and they had the full set.




They had a neat bunch of old toys from the Lake Wales area... I think Gwenny would have loved riding a few of these around now...


There was all kinds of stuff inside this Museum, all related to Lake Wales area. One item of interest was a "Can of Water"... I didn't take a picture of it, however if you remember back to the Cuban Missle Crisis, the U. S. Government and NASA had a local Restaurant and Hotel Can water, to be stored in kits to help you survive the Atomic Bomb when it went off! Yikes! Right here in Florida! They still have some of the cans and sell them for $25.00 as a souvineer!

It was not the biggest or best Museum we have been to, but kind of unique!

Till tomorrow...




  1. We really enjoy visiting local museums. They are alway full of so many cool items. We enjoy talking with the local people. We learn so mucho the from them than any Internet site.

  2. glad your back in the saddle :)....interesting museum.....

  3. So nice to be feeling better, getting out and enjoying the great weather too.
    Love checking out local stuff too.

  4. Glad you and Judy are feeling better and were able to get out and enjoy that nice hot weather.

    Looked like a museum that Gwenny would have loved to see.