Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whirl Wind Tour yesterday...

Home again way too late last night to try and put any type of Blog together, so just wrote it off! Had a great day out visiting.

Started off in the morning by driving about 20 minutes north of here, to the Town of Davenport. John and Sheila are staying up there, so it was time for a visit! John and Sheila stay at our home park back in Woodstock. Seemed funny we are only 20 minutes away from each other down here...

They are in a beautiful Park in Davenport, and proudly have their sign posted on site!

We were welcomed by Sheila on the golf cart as we arrived at the Club House.


John and Sheila have a real nice Phaeton Motor Coach that they share with Chico!

They have lots of room on their site, and a virtual Jungle out behind... check it out below...

They wanted to go out to lunch and they choose a great location for it! Animal Kingdom up in Disney! Away we went! Darn... never did get a picture of Chico...

We all had to pose for the pictures inside the Lodge... this is all African Themed of course... what a spot!

Check out some of the animals that just hang around the Lodge...


This is certainly one of the more unusual places to enjoy a nice lunch in Orlando area.

Below is the view from our lunch table...

John and Sheila were fantastic hosts, and showed us all around the resort. They are very familiar with this place, as they stay with their Family quite often...

Now, believe it or not, this item in the picture below is a "head dress" worn by men during special ceremonies.... that would be cool to see.

We had a great lunch and enjoyed our tour. Best part was getting to run into John and Sheila again! We will see them again soon maybe, down in Winter Haven this time.

We left Orlando and drove over to St. Pete's. Howard and Teri were once again at the short end of their rope, and needed to start heading back to Ontario after getting snowed out last week. They ended up with 4 glorious days tacked on their vacation, and were not complaining about it!

We gave them a lift up to Tampa, and they were staying at the La Quinta Airport Hotel, in order to jump on a 8:00 a.m. flight up to Buffalo. They think their car is buried up there somewhere... here is hoping!

They took Judy and I out to The Olive Garden for a real nice going home dinner, that I really enjoyed! Thanks guys! I had an extra big glass lemonade with my dinner, and soon after, I started feeling really fuzzy, and for some reason, I thought we drove back down to St. Pete's again with Howard running up to the Condo looking for some missing items... but that must have been a dream...although there was a span of about 75 minutes that I missed in time last night and there are a few extra miles on the Jeep today... watch out for the lemonade at The Olive Garden! That's all I can say!

We have yet heard from them, but they should be back up in Ontario by now, in all the snow!

Till tomorrow...



  1. A busy fun day you had for sure.
    Would not want to heading back there at this time of year thou.

  2. Hey Officer, I only had a tall glass of lemonade! "Right - out of the car and put your hands on the roof!!"

    I sure wish you could have tried that headdress on, John!

  3. Oh wow, this really looks like an awesome day!