Friday, February 22, 2013

The Kraemers have landed!

Too much happening yesterday to get a blog put together, but that is life... Judy and I made our way up to Orlando yesterday afternoon to pick up Deb and Gerard, and did a little sight seeing along the way.

Well, turns out we got screwed up with our GPS a bit, and hit some traffic and ended up being late to pick them up, while their plane actually landed early... but in the end, they ended up in the Jeep, heading towards Winter Haven and all was well.

We stopped and enjoyed dinner thanks to the Kraemers at Perkins Restaurant... it was good.

This morning we all kind of slept in, as they had travelled all day, and it seemed so did we. We got together for breakfast, and then soon decided a walk around Lake Wales would be in order.


Deb and Gerard were thrilled with our nice warm Florida temperatures, and quickly found their shorts in the luggage.

We walked for a mile or so, just enjoying the nice warm sunny morning and getting caught up with all that is going on in Ontario.


This afternoon was spent over at the pool, and it was a perfect day for swimming around here... and we ended up back at our RV for a nice BBQ Roast Beef Dinner.

Busy day planned for tomorrow, as we will head over to Lakeland to catch a Blue Jay Game!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Enjoy the Blue Jays game! The weather looks terrific - our smartened up considerably today too!

  2. Alright! You two are poised for some fun times with your company. We know you'll take in all the pertinent sights and sounds.

  3. Company there, good weather, good food and lotsa fun times, enjoy.

  4. Glad to hear Deb and Gerard made it safely and were welcomed by the great weather that just doesn't seem to stop down there this year. Say hi to them for us!! Have fun at the Jays game.

    The kayaks we saw at Costco yesterday look good. A fellow we talked to there bought the exact same ones at CTC last year for $100 more. Trying to figure out how we could attach them to Tara!! Any ideas?

    Safe travels you 4.