Sunday, February 24, 2013

It was a Circle B kind of day...

Yet another hot day here in Florida... high 80's again. Nice to see Deb and Gerard get some of the good weather on their vacation down here.

This morning we all loaded up the Jeep and headed over to Holy Cross Church to attend. We all enjoyed a great service...

After lunch, we decided it was time for Deb and Gerard to take in some of the wild life out at Circle B. I have reported a few times on Circle B on the blog, but to me it never gets old. It is a great spot to spend a couple hours in the afternoon, standing and walking in the awe of nature!


Deb was all excited about being able to use her fancy camera equipment in this preserve... here she is getting loaded above, ready to shoot!

There was no shortage of targets again... check out the Rosetta Spoonbill above... I love these birds...


Gerard named the one above the Phyllis Diller Special!

II love trying to get shots of the birds in flight... makes it harder!

There was no messing around with this guy above... I think this is one of the best Gator shots I have been able to get! He was a mean looking one!

This guy seemed to be posing on this stump for us... with one eye on the bird in the background!

We ran into some new flowers today, just not sure what these are above...


I figured all the birds above were doing their "tree mail" for the day...

Ya, we found just about everything out on the preserve today!

This racoon seemed to be in a hurry with all the Gator's around today!

As we were leaving the preserve, we ran into a family of wild hogs...great way to end the day! They had a whole family of babies with them...Phew... what a day!

Tonight we are all preparing, as we head out on a road trip tomorrow to Key West!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What a wonderful day! I love all the photos. The wild hogs are a hoot!

  2. Nice day out with animals and birds.

    The famous west style wind reared its ugly head around here today. It was blustery all day long....!

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  4. Those flowers are called Lantana. We had them in South Africa and they were classed as noxious weeds.

  5. That is definitely your best gator shot yet! What a variety of wild life.

  6. Another fun day, excellent photos too!
    Enjoy Key West.

  7. On your way down highway 1. As you get to Ohio Key, just after the 7mile bridge, look right, you will see our Seneca parked at Sunshine Key RV Resort. We are visible from the highway! Enjoy your day in Key West.

  8. You outdid yourself on great wildlife photos today, John. They were terrific.

    I hope you were using a long telephoto lens on those gators - they looked a bit too close for comfort.

  9. Have fun in the Keys. Make notes!!