Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What do you do when your Team is a non-winner???

Judy and I had a great trip last night over to Tampa Bay... what a great place to watch hockey!


As you can see, there was one or two people that showed up before the game to take in the tail gate party out front of the Tampa Bay Times Forum! Lots of energy here... There was also a band playing rock music. Yes, it was really warm, and guess what, Judy and I were not the only Canadians at the game!


Judy and I found our seats, only 8 rows off the ice surface, and soon figured out we were surrounded by a bunch of Canadians from the Windsor/Sarnia area! 22,000 people showed up to watch the game! They always sing the National Anthems of the Countries that are playing, and you had to be there when the Singer was doing Oh Canada. Everyone in the Forum was singing along! It was like being back home in Canada for 2 minutes! The Americans here totally embrace the Canadian Invasion, and make us feel at home! Good on you TAMPA!


We got there Virgo early, and were able to watch the warm ups... glad I was born in September!

I could not help it, that this nice young Lady had to come and do her job, right beside us during the game, cheering on the Tampa Bay Lightning, however she was fun to watch, with all of her co-workers!


Ya, it can be lonely being the Goalie... Ben Scrivens had a bit of a rough night, with the Leafs being the non-winners of the game, with a final score of 4 to 2 for Tampa.

Nice and hot again here today in Florida, which is great news for Gerard and Debbie, who are going to fly down here tomorrow afternoon for a nice, well deserved, holiday in Florida. If we remember, we will go up to the Orlando Airport and pick them up tomorrow afternoon. Just in case I do remember, I got the Jeep all cleaned up and detailed for them this morning... it looks like it just came off the showroom floor tonight!

This afternoon, we had a bit of a system failure at the RV... yikes... After lunch our lights were flickering inside the RV, as was anything that runs on our 12 Volt RV system. We were soon reaching for the phone book to call in an RV Repair Company, when Judy suggested I talk to our neighbour Turk. He is a bit of a handyman, and right away he was over with me checking out our RV electrical systems, which involve a power inverter, and a big 3 way switch. After 20 minutes of trouble shooting, Turk suggested we check the voltage of the house batteries. When we did, we found the voltage was just perfect! The problem soon showed up though, when we saw all the corrosion, and soon found the main power line leading from the batteries had corroded right through! Looks like this is the problem!


That is me on my knees working on the batteries, with Turk right in front of me... As you can see, when you have a problem at our Park, all the Guys show up to fix it! I had lots of Supervisors, and thanks to Archie for supplying the Bud Light to take the edge off of the afternoon for the workers and supervisors!

Good news is, we got it all cleaned up and repaired, and happy to report all is good again at the RV tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Even with the loss it looked like a great game to be at, enjoyed seeing your pictures. Nice having such good neighbor,s and that they were able to help you solve the electrical issue. Sounds like more fun on the way with the arrival of your friends. Can imagine how good the Jeep looks along with the clean wheels.

  2. What a nice experience you two had at the hockey game. Too bad the Leafs lost.

    How nice to to have an RV fix it guru in your park. You managed to save a few bucks, kept hydrated with beer and you have a good support network.

  3. Nice to have great seat for the game in a warmer climate. Too bad the Leafs lost thou.
    Glad you were able to find the source of your problem and get it repaired on the spot.

  4. We watched about three and a half seconds of the game last night Too bad the Leafs are such a crappy team John....(I can hear you now!!!) We did look for you in the crowd but alas we did not see you. Next time. :)

  5. Sounds like it was a 'home game' for the Maple Buds! Nice looking arena.

    It's funny how an RV issue can attract so many helpers - that's good too as beer is cheaper than an RV repairman's house call.