Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wow... what a flip flop today!

Yikes... what a strange day here in Florida. Oh, by the way... "Happy Valentines Day" everyone!


Today was a very strange day here in Florida, as they just about gave everyone in Canada a heart attack on Valentines Day, and then made the biggest flip flop I have seen in a while!



It was reported in the Toronto Star first thing this morning, that Florida passed a law, which was effective on Jan. 1st of this year, that states that every Foreign Driver in Florida, must have an International Driver's Permit! WHAT????


Apparently, the reason behind the requirement, is that the Florida Police want to be able to properly translate a Foreign Drivers Licence into English. Of course, this would be kind of silly when you are dealing with a Canadian Licence that is printed in English.

After reading this story this morning, I quickly learned you have to apply for your International Permit only at any CAA Office in Canada... you cannot do it in the U.S.A. at the AAA Offices. It also cost $25.00 and you need 2 Passport Photos to go along with your fee. I was able to download the application, and planned on mailing it into the CAA. The reason is you could be charged with Driving with an invalid Permit!. Also, you Auto Insurance may not want to pay a claim, if you are charged with Driving with an invalid Licence. Yikes... what is next!

Anyway, by the end of the day, CTV and the Toronto Star are reporting that the State of Florida had to make an emergency Session of the State Government, and actually recinded the new Law, as they are now saying it is against the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949). Phew... They do say though, that Florida is trying to now get this ammended to go forward with the International Drivers Permits.

So, this is still a moving story, and one that requires attention of all Canadians/Foreigners Driving in the State of Florida. I am sure they will be more about this in the next few days in the media.

Turned out to be a very wet day here in Winter Haven today. Judy spent a good part of the day cleaning, taking care of her Valentine, and bonding with her new Asus!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Will be interesting to see the future developments on this. Sounds like a money maker for someone. Happy Valentines to you both.

  2. Sure will be a great cash grab if they manage to pass this.
    Certainly hope not.

  3. So is this the new, kinder, gentler Republican outreach program to Hispanic voters who hate them?

    It's no wonder President Obama won the state of Florida! Good grief!

  4. Idiocy and another 'make work project. I concur with Rick's comment and wonder how it is that the Republicans have no clear vision of the voters.

    It seems you are safe - and legal - at least for the time being.

  5. Yes they make a quick flip flop on this law. Over 1000 people applied to the CAA in Ontario for the permit immediately upon reading the news. Now that Florida, in their wisdom, has put the law on hold the CAA has announced they will refund the fee to all of those people.
    I can understand the frustration of the police force having to deal with documentation written in numerous languages but I think they should have done their homework before they passed this law. We will have to wait to see what happens but I can't imagine that an English license will need to be part of this restriction.