Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am still here...

Never got around to doing a blog up last night... seems I am a bit of a slacker lately. Judy and I got caught up in Winter Haven yesterday, doing a bunch of things with her new computer. Microsoft offered a 1/2 hour of training to new purchasers, so Judy went in for it. She also purchased Microsoft Suite and these days, you don't get an nice little CD anymore with the program on it, like you used to...

No, nowadays, you have to download your programs yourself off the internet!

Our problem is, that with the iPad, we only have 8 Gig of internet a month, but this new program needed 3 Gig of download! Yikes... So we decided to sit and wait out the down load on free internet.... well, as you can imagine, that takes quite a while.... won't get into all the gory details, but we waited quite a while!

End result was Judy has her Microsoft Office, and I had no blog... oh well.

Just an update on the blog I did the other day about the International Drivers Permit now needed in Florida. They have backed off on this requirement now, as the new law contravened the Geneva Convention of 1949. I am sure we have not heard the end of this one yet. For now, we are all safe!

Today was a nice day again, but we have a bit of wind blowing this afternoon. I installed a new wind screen that we recently ordered for our RV to help block out some of the Florida Sunshine we receive all the time... take a look:

We had bought the sun screen that you see on the left... but we added the end piece you can see strung up. It is great at blocking some of the winds we have had blowing through lately, and also the sun.

The view above is from the rear of the RV. It only takes a few minutes to string it up.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sure like your sun screen, In the low 80's here today and even with the awning out midday the sun beats on the side of our RV, sure gets kinda warm inside. Think I need to look into one.

  2. Not very happy about no CD. We only have 5 gigs. We will have to go to Starbucks or some place with free WIFI to download the program. Wonder if they ever thought about that?

  3. When we bought our new GPS unit, we had to update maps, and it took over 6 hours on our lousy

    The sunscreens look great and everyone that has them loves them !!

    Take care ... TnT

  4. Those downloads sure are a pain when you're on a limited GB plan or on Wifi.

    Nice looking sunscreen.

  5. We have a sunscreen too and use it when we really need it, a few times a year. Does come in handy for sure.

  6. It is good to know that you are still around! LOL

    Nice sun screen it....and it no doubt works well. Other RVers rave about them too.