Monday, February 18, 2013

Mondays are meant to be taken easy...

Man, when I worked at the Bank, which now seems like a lifetime ago... but actually only coming up to 4 years ago, my Mondays used to be crazy! All of our Customers had the whole weekend to think about things, like buying new cars, buying new houses, and then run into the Bank on Monday morning to arrange financing, or whatever they needed! Monday was sure not my most favourite day at work! It always seemed like we were short handed at the Bank on Monday as well, as it is a great day to call in sick!


Life is different now, and Monday sure comes with no stress, no fuss, no muss! It is soon becoming one of my favourite days of the week, but nothing will ever beat Saturday for being my most favourite day by far!

Today we woke up once again to a very cool morning for Florida, as it was only 37 deg. again! It sooned turned around with lots of sun, and we ended up into the high 60's before you knew it.

After I managed to put my iPad down this morning, I headed outside to do some maintenance on the Jeep. It has a very busy time coming up soon, as Deb and Gerard are coming, and we have to have it in tip top shape to pick them up at the Airport in Orlando come Thursday Afternoon...(I think I have that right...)

So, it was time to rotate my tires... as I wanted to give my brakes an inspection, as I am sure Deb and Gerard want me to be able to stop!

So if you are going to look at all the brakes, you might as well rotate your tires! Easy as that. Good news is that all the brakes and related parts passed inspection, and are all good to go!

Managed to get the wheels and everything all cleaned up as well... next I need to find the time to give the Jeep a good washing and interior cleaning, and Deb and Gerard only deserve the best!

This afternoon was spent messing around with my smart phone, and Judy's computer, as it can all sinc together now, as we have a Windows 7 phone. Made and quick trip to Walmart, and before you knew it where did the afternoon go?????

Tomorrow is going to be a great day, as we head over to Tampa to catch the Leaf Game!

Till tomorrow...



  1. You made me think, and I do like Mondays much better now that I am retired. Nice job on those wheels. Thought about you today when I was driving past Chaffin's Garage on Main street in Corona. Looks like a fun week ahead with the visitors coming and going the Leaf's game.

  2. I remember those Mondays working at a bank. However, the very worst day of the year was the Tuesday after Labor Day here in the states. It is nice to be retired - nice you got the Jeep retired too (or at least rotated!).

  3. Mondays are great, quiet resorts, quiet stores a great day to go shipping. Always nice to take it easy when we can.

  4. For me, when I worked, it was January 1 through April 15. lol I don't miss it at all. Have a great time with your company.

  5. I can understand why you relish your Mondays now. But it does seem that you are quite adept at finding other jobs to manage. Good work on the safety inspection before you friends ride in the Jeep.

  6. I used to hate Mondays too - it's just another day now.

    I'm impressed - checking all the brakes and rotating your tires is a good job well done.

    By the way, I've got a perfectly good Chauffeurs uniform I could send you for driving your friends around!