Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Key to Florida!

Ever since I started blogging well over 3 years ago, have I ever missed 3 days of Blogs in a row! What is going on you may ask... Well, it was called Key West! We simply had a blast while we were there and time for Blogging was at a minimum.... so it just didn't happen.

Judy and I had taken to kids to Key West about 20 years ago, but we never really did see all of Key West at that them... I did not know what it was really all about... we do now!

If you are a tourist.. this is the place to visit. The temperature was amazing and there was lots to do.

The reality of it all was that I did not get a whole bunch of very good pictures... we had a nice house rented while we were there...but we did not get pictures of it.... I don't know why... but I got a few abstract pictures of Key West, like the one of many bicycle tours available to the tourist.

There was lots of these electric cars that people rented to move around the downtown area...

Cardinal had one of the big ships tied up at the dock, while all the tourists got off and spent all their money in Key West!

Judy found this Eco Discovery Center for us to tour... it was free, and represented the ecology of the area very well.


I took this picture above from one of their tanks with Coral inside it... very cool. We ended up going on a nice snorkelling tour over a coral reef while we were there also!

Not sure what to call this fish above, but I saw the same one while out on the snorkelling tour!

These elephant fish above have become a bit of a problem... they were imported from elsewhere and do not have any predators here...

Now most people have probably heard Jimmy Buffett sing his famous song "Margaritaville"... We had to go in and have a refreshment while we were there!


It was a very busy Restaurant and Bar... we enjoyed!

I found this really old Jeepster! Don't know what year it was, but it was in mint condition.


You could get a tour just about anywhere here, and on anything... including this kind of train thing going on above... no shortage of tourist dollars here!

Yes, it is only 90 miles from here to Cuba, and there is a very big Cuban influence on everything around here...

The first day we were there, we just walked around, and enjoyed the atmosphere... including the waterfront area.

It is starting to get a bit dark, but that is the restaurant behind us... lots of sea food available on the menu of course.

These are like restaurants in Palm Springs... all open air, as it is always so warm.

Well, that is it for tonight, but more to come...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Any place you visit in the Keys is just beautiful. We like central keys near Marathon. We stay at Fiesta Keys RV Resort which is lovely.

  2. It is easy to understand why your touring around Key West would curb your blog writing. There is a lot to do and see there. By your accounts, you guys did well on the touring/visiting/dining front.

  3. We enjoyed Key West last fall as well and stayed at Fiesta Key Resort too. Just a couple of weeks before Denis and Sandy.

  4. The Eco Discovery Center look wonderful and free is right up our alley. We will be in the area next winter.

    Looks like another city that doesn't sleep.

  5. So, that's where you were! I thought maybe a Gator had finally gotten you!

    Great photos - thanks for the tour! Have you found the bar called Kokomo yet??