Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bits and Bites of Muskoka…

Today was run around day for the Heart and Stroke Golf Tournament that will be held this Friday at Rocky Crest Golf Club near Parry Sound.  I had to pick up signs, and gifts, and 10 cases of water all to be delivered over to the golf club, which is a little over an hour drive from Gravenhurst.  Brought my camera along to see what I could shoot today…

Lots of fall colours, that is for sure…


Found a big CN Train heading to Toronto with another load of lumber to fuel the housing market which is still booming…  every time I head south on Hwy. 400, Toronto is getting closer to Gravenhurst!


Next stop after the train, was Bala, which is a great tourist Town.  This is a shot of Lake Muskoka, just as the water is ready to go over the Bala Falls…


With all the rain lately, the water was just a churning going over the falls…


They want to harness some of this water and use it to produce some electricity.  This has become a hot election debate around Bala.  There is also a whole bunch of “NIMBY” going on… (not in my back yard)  Hard to say if they will get to build it or not at this point in time… seems we are all addicted to electricity around here, so I don’t know… the ya’s may win!


Made my delivery at the golf club, thank goodness for a Jeep… it had a major load in it!  Real nice facilities here… I golfed here last year and it was a lot of fun.


Stopped and took this picture of Skeleton Lake, which is a great spot along Hwy. 169, south of Parry Sound.


Stopped in Port Carling on the way home to visit Angela at the Bank of Nova Scotia, however she was away at a meeting.  Took some pictures instead.  They have a great waterfront area…


There is a lift lock right in the middle of Town to take boats from Lake Muskoka to Lake Rosseau.


You don’t see one of these every day.  This is a mural on a building in downtown Port Carling of one of our Muskoka Steamships.  It is made of thousands of small pictures taken in the area over the past hundred years or so.  It is real cool.  You can walk up to the building and see all the smaller pictures – very clearly!


It sure was nice touring through Muskoka this afternoon.  We live in a great area of Canada!

Went down to Orillia this afternoon and took Mom to Her Dr.   Went and had dinner out, compliments of Mother!  Thanks Mom!

Till tomorrow…

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  1. Pretty photos - could see the fall leaves. Looks like a very nice area.