Thursday, September 2, 2010

A very productive day!

Another very warm day again in Muskoka, and probably everywhere else in the Province…

Now that we are in September, I pushed the official panic button on getting things ready with the RV to be able to hit the road later in October… time flies you know!

I stopped by T & A Tires in Bracebridge last week, and had them order a new front tire for our RV.  I dropped by today, and it had arrived, and they said  bring the rig in, today was a good day for them to do it!

So, at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, I loaded up Patra in her kitty crate, and we headed over to T & A.   They are very efficient at this place, and I highly recommend them to anyone!  In 1/2 an hour they had the new tire installed and ready to go.  I was also having a problem with the other front tire, losing air.  They checked it out for me, and low and behold it was a faulty valve stem.  They had it replaced lickity split and before you know it we were off and running…  I also had them re-torque all the lug nuts on all the tires, as it requires a torque of 400 ft./lbs. and you simply cannot do that with any type of tire iron… you need a 10 foot bar to do it!

This is our new tire today…


This morning I took on another job that I have been wanting to do for about the last year!   I dismantled our two deep cycle house batteries on the RV.  They needed to be topped up with distilled water, and they really needed cleaning badly!   It took about 2 hours for this job, but they are now all cleaned up and ready for boon docking out at Borrego Springs!


After we got back from T & A Tires, Patra had to chill out a bit… it was nice and warm and she got to sit outside for a few minutes!  Cat face



And now for the most exciting news of the day!   I received an email from the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Team today, advising they had put up individual game tickets for sale off their Web Site!  

It did not take me long to find out the Leafs will be at the Staples Centre on Jan. 10/11. 

One quick phone call to Dr. Hollinger in Tennessee, and he did his magic on the computer and arranged for two tickets just 7 rows up from the ice! 


We will be at Desert Hot Springs in California during the month of January, and will be very close to Los Angeles, so it will be no problem getting to the game!  Can’t wait!

Told you it was a productive day!

Also hooked up with our Daughter, and I will probably go and visit Her and Chris in Woodstock early next week and help out with a few projects… always something to do around a house…Black Sheep (Kristina loves sheep, so I thought I would show her one here…)

Till tomorrow…

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