Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever been to Torrence?

OK, so you can turn off the tap, we have enough rain!  Man, did it rain last night!   I can’t remember hearing it rain any harder than that.  For about 5 minutes it came down real hard!  Lot of lightening bolts flying through the air as well, and poor old Patra had trouble with all the thunder going on… at least it turned into a nice day today.

Here is a big RVlifeonwheels welcome to Margie and Roger, our latest additions to our followers list!

It was so nice this afternoon, I decided to head out for a spin on my Honda Shadow, as those type of days are coming to an end here soon!  I headed out the 169 towards Bala, and ended up in Torrence.  It is just a small community, and is known for the “Torrence Barrens”.  The first pic tonight is of Lake Muskoka just south of Gravenhurst.


This maple tree was along the Southwood Road, which head south to the Barrens… no, I did NOT alter the colour in this photo…


The Torrence Barrens are pretty well as advertised… barren…   There is nothing out here except a lot of rock, it is like a plateau.  It is well known as a “dark sky” area, and people come out to use telescopes to make sure the stars come out at night.  



The barrens are over 1,900 Hectares in size, what ever that means… sounds big! 


The Barrens are located in Muskoka Lakes Township.  There are lots of trails you can hike on, however for some reason, Judy and I have never hiked them yet… don’t know why…


Some more trees on fire… I figure the colours have to be about 60 % which is quite advanced… it is still Sept.


Meanwhile, back at RVlifeonwheels, Judy is enjoying “happy hour” talking to our Daughter, Kristina on the cell phone.  It was beautiful sitting outside tonight in the bright sun shine!  Yes, I had the fire in a can going tonight to keep her feet warm!


Till tomorrow…

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  1. Yep, our biking days are running out pretty quick now with the coming cooler weather. I think if we had to do it all over again we would buy a Motor Home toy hauler & take the bike south with us for sure every winter.