Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Yes all you sport fans out there, it is Hockey time again!  The odd reader might know by now that I am probably one of the biggest fans the Toronto Maple Leafs have… I stick with them through thick or thin, and believe me there has been a lot of thin in the past few years…

However, new General Manager Brian Burke has been working on a new team for the past 2 years, and it is starting to come together…  Tonight is the first exhibition game of the year.  A chance for all the young guys to prove they are ready for the “Big Show”… 

Time will tell how this version of the Leafs do, and it is always fun to watch…  I did pick up two tickets to attend the Staple Centre in Los Angeles this coming January, so that should be fun!

PREPARATION!  That is the key word this year in getting ready to head south.  Today was a get ready day.  Spent the morning outside sorting through 3 of our large storage bins on the RV.  One thing our Rig has is lots of storage.  Problem is, you can put lots of things in them.  You have to limit what you can bring, as it all adds up on the weight factor! 

This afternoon after a quick Honda trip into Gravenhurst for some errands on a beautiful afternoon, I worked on a project for Judy in the kitchen area.  If you look at the brochure of our RV put out by the manufacturer, there is a closet that is referred to as the Linen Closet.  We use it as a pantry.  I do not know how you would put linens in this very narrow closet.  The problem we have is it is very deep, and if you have items at the back, you cannot see them or reach them.  Hence, last week while we were at Costco, we found a little pull out device that could possibly help us. 

I worked on the installation this afternoon… some assembly required…


You can see how narrow the cupboard is… This device was built to hold lids, so I had to customize it by putting a bottom in place to hold our cans.  I used a left over piece of our flooring that we replaced in our bedroom this summer.  It worked good!


Starting to come together…


There we go, somewhere to keep our cans and stuff…


It slides out very easy to let you reach stuff at the back of the cupboard.


We are have one big major thunder storm tonight as I type up this blog.  Lots of lightening and the whole bit… Our satellite's are all out of order and off line at this point in time, so hopefully they come back up when I need to post!

Till tomorrow…

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