Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun times in Richmond Hill, ( or, Rich Man’s Hill as I call it!)

On Saturday we drove down to Richmond Hill, which is just north of Toronto, to visit Tom and Cheryl.  We brought Ron and Pat MacKenzie with us who were celebrating their 50th anniversary… yes, 50!  Guy and Ruth Kelly joined us.  We all have some thing in common, and that is most of us worked for Victoria and Grey Trust as some point in time!   (Many years ago…)

Tom and Cheryl put on a great dinner for us all on Saturday night…


Here is Ron and Pat, as we all sing to them… and then enjoyed that fine cake!


We made it back to Gravenhurst this afternoon, and low and behold Judy’s brother Howard and his Wife, Teri dropped by for a visit…  It was great to see them, as we have not seen them in a year!  Had a great visit…


They showed up in a new to them Grand Cherokee that they recently bought.


Yes, it is fall… check out the pine trees that are shedding their needles on our Endura!


The park looks great now that it is decorated for fall!


Judy is back to work tomorrow, and I have a lot of business things to take care of all in getting ready to leave… which should be Oct. 14th at this point in time!  Starting to get excited!

Till tomorrow…

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  1. Pretty fall leaves on those trees. Days are ticking by for you. Exciting time!