Monday, September 6, 2010

Travel to Woodstock…

Up and at it around 7:30 this morning, making that final preparations for lift off.  I had the Jeep and trailer all hooked up and ready to go last night, so it was simply pack some cloths and have some coffee and breakfast and kiss Judy good bye for another week!  

Wanted to hit the road early due to it being Labour Day!  Auto  If I had left it too late, I would never have made it to Toronto…   as it was, I hit very little traffic at all !   It was great!  What I did hit was lots of rain down in Toronto area… big time!

I made it to Woodstock just in time for lunch with Chris and Kristina. 

Our afternoon agenda included some planning for the week and time to go on a hike.  It was a bit like rain, so we decided to walk along the Lake Pittock Trail. 

Apparently a year ago, the Town paved the trail, which makes it great for roller blading and biking, and people pushing strollers…


Cali loves the water, and wanted to swim across the lake, or drink it…  Turtle


This is a man made lake… a dam on a river can do that for you…


They recently lowered the level of the lake for the winter. It will be raised with the spring run off next year.


Earlier this spring Judy and I camped across the lake at the campground, which is located on conservation land.


It is a great trail, with lots of vegetation along the way…


After the trail, we headed over to an off leash dog park they built as part of the park.  Cali loves to run, and lots of new smells to check out as well…



We were alone in the dog park until this cross of a Shepard and an Iris Settler came along for a run… the two dogs got along great and quickly wore themselves out!



They were chasing each other all over…


After we made it back to the house, Chris harvested 49 banana peppers from his garden, and strung them on a line to set up in the shed.  They will dry out, and then get ground up for food seasoning…  Smile with tongue out


Going to get warm here again tomorrow… as long as it stops raining…  Fingers crossed

Back to school tomorrow for the kids so keep and eye out for those school buses… School bus

Till tomorrow…

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