Friday, September 17, 2010

Christmas in September???

Ended up down in Barrie this afternoon doing some Christmas shopping of all things!  As we head out in mid-October for the south-west, we will not return to Ontario for Christmas, so we have to be prepared!  Judy is one well prepared Women for this type of stuff and I rely on her to keep it all organized and ready to go. 

So we made stops at the Georgian Mall in Barrie, on over to Costco and off to Chapters Book Store.  It was a very productive afternoon with lots of Hollinger $$$$ feeding the vibrant Ontario economy! Nyah-Nyah

On the way back home, we made a quick stop at Bella Vista RV in Oro, to check out the floor plan of a toy hauler we noticed on their lot.  It is a Simba, which is an A class motorhome, with a garage at the rear that would hold both our motorcycle.  The problem with these type of motorhomes is you generally lose your bedroom which is a bit of a problem for us.   This unit, did not even have a loft for a bedroom as some do.  It had an electric bed you lower in the living area to sleep on, plus another electric bed in the garage.  Now, the problem with sleeping in a garage as you can imagine, is the smell of gas and oil… not good!

They have 2 of the same toy hauler on the lot, and both are 2007 model years and are still brand new.  As you can guess, there is not a large market for these motorhomes, as the layout sucks.  They are also very expensive, with a list price of $149,000 however I am sure they will take quite a bit less now for them.  We will be staying with our Gulf Stream Endura.  It has a good floor plan and is in excellent mechanical shape overall. Fun to go and look and dream though…

We are heading to Hamilton tomorrow, to attend Angela’s sons wedding.  Probably will not be able to blog, but will make up for it on Sunday!

Till tomorrow…  (well, maybe…)

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