Thursday, September 16, 2010

It was a Wii type of day…

This morning I wanted to do some exercising and it was just a raining here by the time I got around to it, so decided to break out Wii Fit and do my exercising on screen!   I was jogging, skiing down a mountain, and doing the hula hoop among many other things to keep the old body in shape!

Had lunch today with a good friend and former neighbour, Jim C. who was my roomy down in Ellicottville this summer.  I wanted to quiz him about his experience doing the drag races out at Grand Bend.  He gave me the full low down and now I sort of know what to expect when my turn comes… should be a blast.

Judy and I ware watching the Bourne series of movies, the Bourne Identity, the Bourne Supremacy, and the Bourne Ultimatum… they are real good movies if you get a chance.  What we did different was watch them in reverse order!  That keeps your head working overtime!

Till tomorrow…

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