Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Master of the Arts!

Kristina and I got loaded up this morning in Her car to head over to Rona in Brantford…the home of Wayne Gretzky!   Well, it seems they demolished the store a couple of years ago and never told us… so this afternoon we ended up driving over to London to do the same thing… this time the store was there!  Picked up all the material to start building a cloths line!

We stopped at the pet shop in Woodstock and purchased Cali a new bone… that took up the rest of her day!


On the way to London this afternoon while driving along the 401, Kristina took this picture of the big hole in the sky…


Kristina and I stopped at the Woodstock Market this afternoon, and picked up this great roast of beef that we put on the spit… it was good!  We bought it to celebrate!


What was there to celebrate????   I will tell you… Kristina received an email from Her ProfessorJust kiddingat York University this afternoon, telling here she had completed all assignments, and in fact, had passed her final requirements to obtain Her “Masters” Degree!  Star

CONGRATULATIONS Kristina!  Well done!

Till tomorrow…

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