Sunday, September 19, 2010

Congratulations to Mark and Michelle!

This past weekend, Judy and I travelled down to the steel city, Hamilton, Ont. to attend the wedding of Mark and Michelle.  Mark is the son of Angela, our friend from Bracebridge.  We had a great time with David and Angela, while staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel, in downtown Hamilton.  Actually got up at 7:00 this morning and went down to the gym for a workout, and a swim!

Here comes the Bride…


The Priest was declaring them “Man and Wife”!


Here they are making their getaway!


What is a wedding without a cake?


This is David’s Daughter, Kelly.  Judy and I gave her a lift from Orillia down to Hamilton.  She was a lot of fun and kept us laughing!


We stopped at the Vaughn Mall on the way home, so we could finish up some Christmas shopping and I had to snap a couple of pics… it is a very high end type of mall and is only a couple years old.  It is right beside Canada’s Wonderland.  You can hardly believe you are in a mall sometime…


Watch out for the bears…  what a mall…


Made it back home safe and sound.  Great weekend overall!  Had a blast!

Till tomorrow…

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