Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OK, enough of the rain…


Yes, it rained here most of the day, yuck!  This morning I did a bunch of running around and picking up stuff that has been donated by local businesses for the Heart and Stroke Golf Tournament to be held this Friday.  Just have to deliver it all tomorrow to the course. 

Still didn’t take any pictures today so found some nice sunny skies from last Jan. 24 when we visited Quartzite, AZ. and the big RV show, that had actually finished the day before… (did have a few comments on last night blog about my lost camera… didn’t lose it, that was just my excuse for not taking any pics for the day…Camera)



This man and his wife were from New Mexico, and sold the fire in a can that you see them sitting around.  Yup, I bought ours right here!


Had to tie it on the back of the Honda as we had no other vehicle last year to run around with.  It was a bit of a stretch, but it fit and we made it back to Yuma in time for Happy Hour!


Judy was checking out some 5th wheels for sale…


Lots of stuff for sale at Q


And I never get tired of looking at Az. mountains…


We have many great memories from last winter in AZ… can’t wait for this year in California!

Till tomorrow…

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