Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day on the run...

Hope everyone enjoyed the Canada Day Holiday... we sure did!

Started off this morning by heading into Mississauga to go and visit little Emmie who is still in the Hospital. She is doing OK, but still has a way to come yet.


Here she is doing some colour work with a kit Judy brought her, with Mom watching on. Will probably be another day or so yet before she gets out of the Hospital I think.

After we finished up visiting her, we headed downtown Mississauga to visit sister Paige who was staying with Jenn's Mom. They were at the Canada Day Celebrations at Mississauga Square.

Check out these new towers built in the downtown core... Dr. Shawn tells me they call them the Marilyn Monroe Towers! Seems to suit...

I don't know, but Mississauga is starting to look a lot like Toronto. A lot of towers going on there...

We found Paige and all, near the stage where the bands were setting up and getting ready for the big Canada Day Concert.

Paige was running around crazy dancing to the music, just being a kid!

We left Mississauga, and headed back to Woodstock later in the afternoon, just in time for a Canada Day Party out at the Sailing Club at Lake Pittock. David and Diane, Chris' Mom and Dad, had invited us out to attend the party and dinner. They had a great pork chop dinner with twice baked potatoes and beans... it was real good.

Gwenny found a new friend, Emily, to play with... check out Gwenny's life vest, as she was playing near the water! She loved it and didn't want to take it off.


Lots of people keep their sail boats here, including David and Diane, and enjoy the man made lake for sailing.

Here Chris is helping David load the sail boat back onto the trailer. He stores the boat right at the Sailing Club. He had the boat out for about an hour this afternoon, and conditions were good for sailing.

Ramona was blowing bubbles for Gwenny... she loves them of course.

And of course on a day like today, you have to wave the flag a little! This one glowed!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad to hear Emmie is improving and will getting better. At least she'll have expert care when she gets out!

    Quite the buildings in Mississauga!

    I'm beginning to think we may be the only Canadians who didn't celebrate Canada Day!

  2. A busy Canada Day for you. With Emmie healing, Canada celebrating and you two enjoying a great dinner, it seems that yours was a very good day.

  3. Love that you had lots of memorable family activities in celebration of Canada Day. It's a pleasure to get to know your kids via the blog.

  4. Happy Canada Day, John and Judy!!

  5. Emmie looks like she is at least enjoying her visit to the hospital. We will say a prayer that she gets out of there very soon.

    Great idea of having Gwenny wear a life jacket. You can never be too safe around the water with a little one.

  6. Thats great you had a busy Canada and good the here Emmie is doing better in the hospital.
    Looks like you ended the day with a great meal too.