Monday, July 29, 2013

It sure was a "Happy Birthday"...

Whew, what a whirl wind of a weekend... as I post tonight, I am sitting back at the RV in Woodstock, resting! We are whipped!

The big Party for my Mom's 90th Birthday turned out just great with everyone having a heck off a time!

Mom was all primed up and ready to party!

All the kids had their own table for the big dinner...

Paul Spears from the City of Orillia, on the left, and Bruce Stanton, MPP, brought best wishes from all over, including one from our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.


My Mom finally gets to meet Charlie for the first time!

Judy did most of the organizing for the party and it turned out great... A total of 27 people enjoyed, plus a bunch of good family time.

This morning, a bunch of our Family joined Mom for the Service at St. James Church. She is very well known here and we arranged for a full slab carrot cake for the she is posing with Paige and Emmy with the cake.


There was way over 50 people on hand to help eat the cake and sing!

Got a great picture of Shawn and Jenn and Family down at the Church.

Must say hello tonight to good Family friends above, Pat and Ron who came out to greet Mom today. Faithful Blog readers as well!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Happy 90th to your Mom - looked like a terrific Birthday Party. She sure doesn't look 90 that' for sure.

    So many great family pics to choose from but the one of Shawn, Jenn and the girls is really special.

    I hope you'll tell us soon how you resolved the Blog photo problem you were having.

  2. What a treat to celebrate your mom's 90th birthday. To have so many family members celebrate the big day is a gift too.

  3. Your Mom looks absolutely wonderful. glad her party went so well. :)

  4. WOW...I hope I look that good at 70!

    Looks like she had a couple of awesome celebrations.