Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Gwenny!

Yes, today was Gwenny's very official 2nd Birthday! She picked a great day for it... beautiful here, with lots of sun, and warm temperatures... just perfect really!

What better way to spend your birthday, than in the pool!


All that shopping Judy did last winter in Florida paid off again, as Gwenny got a couple more additions to her wardrobe.

After we enjoyed a pizza dinner, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Gwenny, and watched as she blew out her 2 Candle. She did a great job!

Meanwhile... Charlie couldn't quite understand the big hoopla... other than he kept asking me to pass him a piece of Birthday Cake! To bad Charlie...maybe next year!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Good family fun. Happy birthday Gwenny!!!!

  2. nothing like a pool party for your birthday, enjoy Gwenny!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gwenny. Can't believe you're 2 years old already!

    Your little brother Charlie is looking pretty cool!

  4. Happy birthday, Gwenny! hard to believe you are two already!! looks like it was a fun party for all!!

  5. Happy Birthday Gweeny, watch out or granpa will eat all the Cake!


  6. Happy Birthday Gwenny - you're such a cutie!

  7. Never get tired of pictures of Gwenny. What a sweetheart...and little brother will be just as special too. Happy birthday Gwenny.