Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just me and Mr. McGuire...

Today was a nice warm day, hitting almost 30 deg. C. today, however there was absolutely no sun today, as our sky was overcast all day.

Judy went into London today with Kristina, to accompany her to a Dr. appointment, so that left me on my own for the day.

I decided to spent the day with Mr. McGuire!


I found this product to work very good on the Jeep or the RV. It takes off any oxidation of the paint, and leaves a brilliant shine. Also if you have any spots of dirt, or stains on the paint, they get removed right away...

Augh... the tools of the trade of waxing. This time I tried a new 10 inch polisher that I recently picked up at Canadian Tire. You can see it lying on the patio, upside down. It worked good, but is better in some situations than others. For example, I found trying to use it over my head was just too much. Not that strong anymore I guess, but at the right height, it worked very well.



I was able to finish 2/3rds of the RV today. A lot easier with no sun shining, that is for sure. Tomorrow, might be able to finish off the job. I have been able to keep up with my original schedule, of waxing the RV every 6 months by hand, and do spot cleaning and waxing as needed during the 6 month intervals. Must say, the Beast still shines up pretty good.

Update on Emmie! She is still in Hospital and not getting any worse, so this is good news. Hopefully she continues to improve over the next couple of days.

Till tomorrow...


  1. The Endura does shine up well. I'm going to have to purchase some of that wax and give it a try.

  2. I figured the 10" polisher was too heavy for me when I tried it at Canadian Tire so I got the 8" one instead.

    Nice shine on the RV, I'll have to try some of that cleaner on our vehicles.

  3. Keeping up with the polishing is a must to keep your rig looking good for years.
    I have been using the 6 inch polisher can easily use it with one hand and does a great job.

  4. WISHING EMMIE a speedy recovery....