Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

July 4th is always a big Holiday in the U.S.A., so Judy and I want to wish all our American Friends a Happy July 4th! Will never forget the time we were visiting Shawn and Jenn in Tennessee on July 4th, and I thought a new war had broken out with all the fireworks going off!

Good news about the Statue of Liberty...


Seven months after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, the Statue is back open to the public for business, just in time for July 4th.

Another sweltering day here in Ontario again today, with more to come over the weekend. Judy and I decided to head back over to Mississauga and visit little Miss Emmie in the Hospital again.


Many, many thanks to everyone reading the blog who sent best wishes to Emmie... the wishes are working. She is doing much better and may be released tomorrow... she was up and walking around today, and her cough is much better! Shawn was with her this afternoon, while Jenn put in a couple hours of work in Toronto.

Paige was visiting as well, and as you can see they are a pair of hams for the camera...

Nurse Kim gave the two girls necklace kits today, so we helped them make them up. Here they are showing them off for the camera.

They talked Judy into trying the Hanna Montana game on Wii. Check out the nice Wii console and TV that is supplied to the kids via the Starlight Foundation! It gets a lot of use I am sure!

On the bad news front, many readers will remember last winter we had a hot water tank leak in one of the input pipes that caused a lot of damage to our floor. Today, we found the other pipe leaking! Yikes... not much damage this time, however a repair is in order!

Till tomorrow...


  1. The joys of Rv ownership but could be a lot worse in a house. Hope all gets fixed up soon.

  2. Happy to read about Emmie's rebounding health.

    Another leak? Yikes! Hope you quelled that one quickly.

  3. So glad to hear that Emmie is doing better and going home soon. Leaks do not make me happy. Ever.

  4. The girls are hams alright, but beautiful ones!

    Glad to hear that Emmie may get out of the hospital tomorrow.

    I just hate water leaks - hope you find the problem quickly.