Friday, July 5, 2013

Emmie is unleashed!

Now, it is not that Emmie was in Jail, but after being in the Hospital for over 5 days it must have started to feel like it! The great news is that she got feeling a lot better, so the Dr.'s said that she can go home! Thanks again to all of our readers who sent their best wishes to Emmie during her time of need. She is one amazing kid!


Well, I reported we had a hot water tank leak last night... This morning with the leak getting worse I had to decided on a course of action. I had thought about trying to fix it myself, but in the end, decided a plumbing problem like this is far better in the hands of a professional.

Above you can see the culprit in this problem. Where the black piece connected to the white pieces is where all the problems occured. The white piece had actually split in two!

The technician from Forest City RV, in London, Ontario, took about an hour to solve our problem, installing all new pieces to prevent the leak from coming back. All, is good again tonight, as we sit back on our RV Lot..... no leaks! Forest City RV was fantastic, only charging us $49.00 for 1/2 hour of work and $7.00 of parts for the repair! Why would you try to do this yourself???

On a brighter note, we are the proud owners tonight of two new kayaks!

We bought 2 Pelican Quest 100's from Costco over in Richman Hill. No, we did not go and pick them up, we convinced Tom and Cheryl to bring their big truck and pick them up for us. We found these kayaks on sale last week while we were visiting them, and could not find a better deal anywhere... $400.00 for a kayak, paddle, skirt, and car carrying kit.

While they were there, they ended up buying 2 kayaks for themselves... so we will all be tearing up the Florida Rivers and Lakes this winter coming! Gonna have to put my name on my kayak, as they are all orange!

We will pick them up next week, and start practicing in Lake Pittock.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yippee - tell Emmie I'm glad she got out of lock-up! Bet you're going to have lots of fun with those kayaks.

  2. Now that Emmie is free she will be making up for lost time.
    We had same problem with our hot water tank about 3 years ago. I bought a two dollar part at Lowes in Ohio and fixed it myself, saved a few bucks.

  3. Our prayers are answered. So happy for you all, especially Emmie!

    Congratulations on your new purchase.

  4. Great news about Emmie, sure bet everyone's glad to see her out of the hospital - especially Emmie!

    I agree completely on calling a pro regarding plumbing leaks - smart move. I sure don't like all the plastic parts RV's have to cut down on weight and cost.

    Kayaks? Congrats on a great deal. I'm sure the Gators will be happy to see you paddling down those Florida rivers. You are a braver man than me!

  5. Yippy, Skippy on Emmie being released from the hospital.

    I adore kayaking - you're going to have some big fun in your new kayaks! :-)