Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wild times in Waterloo!

What a nice day we had here in Ontario... just perfect weather.


I was out the door early this morning washing my Jeep down, and Tom came over with a coffee to watch. We eventually turned the hose on his GMC and got it clean as well... well, look who is doing all the work in the picture above!

After vehicles were all clean, we spent the rest of the morning at the pool... great time. Early this afternoon we headed north in the Jeep to Waterloo. Stopped in to see Debbie and Gerard. Had a great time visiting with them this afternoon. They are coming to Woodstock with their trailer next week to visit us.

We all went out for Dinner tonight at Wild Wings in Waterloo. This is a great pub fare type restaurant and we sure ate up a bunch of different wings tonight.

The main reason for our visit this afternoon, was to attend Music in the Park at Waterloo. Debbie plays the French Horn, and is a member of the Waterloo Concert Band that plays around south western Ontario.

The concert was at the band shell, and lasted about 70 minutes... a great performance.


It was hard to get Debbie to smile for the blog picture... said she was too busy... they had a great crowd out for the concert tonight, and the weather was 100%.

Before the concert Judy and Cheryl were walking around and found a small zoo at the park...

Yup, we had a bit of everything going today, and it was a great one!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Years ago I used to take the Kids to Waterloo park and the Zoo was pretty good back then,
    Excellent christmas displays at Christmas.
    And lotsa great concerts at the bandshell.

  2. We love local concerts...especially outside concerts.

    Sounds like you had a very busy but fun day.

  3. While I'm not sure I'd classify an afternoon concert in the park as being a 'wild time', I'm sure it was a very enjoyable event.

    Now that 'wing place' - that could have been wild!

  4. No wonder your friends come by to visit. They get to leave with clean vehicles. You are a great host!