Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Maiden Voyage...

Do you remember the Titanic??? It sank on it's Maiden Voyage you know...

If I recall, the Titanic hit an iceburg! That would hurt...

This afternoon, the weather turned beautiful, warm, and sunny, so I thought it might be a great afternoon to finally break in those two new kayaks we just bought...

It only took about 15 minutes to transfer the kayaks from the motorcycle trailer onto our Jeep...all set to go!

The only real body of water around Woodstock is Lake Pittock which is a man made lake, and a Conservation Area. It is also a water reservoir, not a lake I guess.

We used the boat launch area to let these "bad boys" be free! Here is Judy just heading out to the wild blue yonder...

It was nice out on the water this afternoon, but just a bit of a westerly wind was blowing... not enough to worry about.

I had our camera, however Judy was holding our smart phone, and got this picture of me leaving the dock...

My favourite pic of the day above... Judy just a giving her in the new kayak... it did not take us long to get in the groove, as we had a lot of experience in our old ones. It also only took us a couple minutes to realize that "Hey" these new kayaks are terrific! Wow. Performance plus. Pelican did an excellent job building these kayaks... the engineering in perfect! They fit like a glove, and perform perfect! What a difference to our Sea Eagle Kayaks. These are much more manouverable and faster. They cut the water very easily, and take little effort to paddle. This means you can stay out on the lake longer, as you do not tire as easily. We could tell there was a big difference right away! We love em! Check out Judy's water bottle in the pic above...

The one reason I wanted to buy the Pelican Quest 100's, was the fact that they came fully loaded. The water bottle holder is great to have, and is located perfectly. Right beside it you can see a dry bay, where I was holding the camera, my keys, and my Swiss Army Knife...(you never know...) If you had some candies you could put them in that little round tray on the right.

These Pelicans also have great foot rests, and knee pads which make a big difference to our experience. We were out on the water for about 2 hours this afternoon, and did not even see one iceburg! They best part was, our kayaks did not sink on their Maiden Voyage, unlike the Titanic!

We swung around the big dam on the reservoir that creates all this water we are boating on.

This proud Mama had all her Ducks in a Row this afternoon.... yuk, yuk. They were real young!

I posted this real short video of Judy cutting the water...

Overall, I gave this outting a 10 out of 10! They kayaks performed great, and we are looking forward to more adventures out on them.

We made it back to the RV in time for a nice refreshing swim in our pool, and then back to the RV, just in time for a major thunderstorm here...(again...). Will it ever end this year???

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice looking Kayaks. Looks like a lot of fun. And the momma duck and ducklings...........adorable!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful maiden voyage.

    I love the idea of a dry bay. Wonder why they all don't have this feature. Seems like a no brainer.

  3. If we had the room, I think we would turn in our Sea Eagle kayak for a couple like yours. The Sea Eagle is portable and safe but it does lumber more than a conventional kayak. Good fun!

  4. Nice kayaks - you made a great choice and I hope you both enjoy many fun "adventures" in them!

    I'm looking forward to some peaceful "floats" this summer...

  5. Sure is nice to have great performing kayaks. And the Pittock Puddle is a great place to go for a test run. Now explore the Thames river, Grand River, Nith River all pretty close to you.

  6. Glad you tried them out for us. Can't wait to get our matching kayaks on the water with you guys. Looks like the summer is going to be a blast.

  7. Sure glad you didn't hit any icebergs. Looked like a great outing in your new kayaks.