Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visitors from the north...

What a terrific day it was this morning... warm, sunny, just perfect. What a lousy evening it is this evening... cold, wet, not nice.... just saying it the way it was!

Judy's Brother Garry and Shelly drove down from Orillia this morning for a visit, and to bring some more toys they recently donated to Gwenny. We brought some back on the weekend, but could not fit them all in.

We enjoyed time kicking back at the RV this afternoon before the rain started...

We decided to take a walk along the Standard Tube Trail this afternoon. That is their little dog Maggie that is taking Garry for a walk. We have had so much rain this summer, everything in the bush is green, green, green!

They brought this big doll house with them, and we headed into Kristina and Chris' place to deliver it. I was helping set it up for Gwenny above... maybe I got into it a little too much... not sure.....

Sure did not take Gwenny long to take over from me once I got all the little pieces set up in the house... she was having a ball with it! Many thanks to Garry and Shelly for bringing all the toys down from Orillia with them. Great to see them again!

So, now I sit out here at the RV and post in a bunch of rain, trying to figure out how to send it out west to Rick who has been crying for some rain for his lawn...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yep we got the rain too almost all day, but did enjoy outside under our awning, chatting with people.
    We take what we can get eh?

  2. WOW! Love that dollhouse. I bet Gwenny will have many happy hours playing with that - and maybe Pop Pop too!!

  3. Whoa! That is some dollhouse! Gwenny will have many happy ours of play with that.

  4. My brown, dead lawn is doing just fine, thank you!!

    Great looking doll house for you to play with John. Sure glad you let Gwenny take a turn!