Friday, July 19, 2013


Finally today the heat streak came to an end... and it was about time. We ended up with a big thunderstorm this afternoon to finish things off, and our air is a lot cooler now.

Never did get to blogging last night, but yesterday we had a ball out playing with our kayaks on Lake Pittock. Tom and Cheryl had not had a chance to get theirs out on the water since we all bought them.

Preparing to hit the lake yesterday morning above... it was super hot, but we all had a great time, and we put in a 3.8 mile kayak according to my Magellan GPS.

The water was like a sheet of glass... perfect for the boats...

At the top end of the lake, we found these great bridges to pass through... very cool...

We got into some tight corners, but there was no gators!

It was a great trial run for Tom and Cheryl...

No kayaking was done today... below you will see what Judy and Cheryl were doing all afternoon!

They were swimming in Gwenny's blow up pool... it was still real warm here this afternoon.

Ohhhhh... things are a little blurry above as we enjoyed happy hour with John and Sheila this afternoon...a great time was had by all, and we all got together for a terrific spaghetti dinner!

Meet Chico above... he is John and Sheila's dog, and lives with them in their Phaeton, or as I call it..."Phaeton Place"...

Terrific day, maybe now we can enjoy some regular summer weather and stay out of the heatwave!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Fun to see all four of you out enjoying your kayaks. Looks like a great place to get some experience before the waters are alligator infested.

    I like the Gwenny pool idea. May have to pack one of those around too!

  2. Fun day on the water with the new kayaks. Some fairly severe storms have been reported to have hit southern Ontario and Quebec. Major power loss for those in Quebec!

    Hope your weather tames soon.

  3. From the looks of that one picture I think you were having a wonderful happy hour. lol So glad your weather has cooled down. I can't believe how calm the lake was. Just beautiful.

  4. Gwenny's pool looks like a great spot for me to kayak!

    Phaeton Place? Wow - that' a good one!