Monday, July 8, 2013

Time to Kayak!

After a very busy weekend, I finally found time today to head over to Richmond Hill to pick up our new kayaks that Tom and Cheryl picked up for us.

Judy went into Town to babysit Gwenny and Charlie, as Kristina and Amy went over to the Church to help out with the start of a very busy Vacation Bible School.


Gwenny looks kind of small sitting on this park bench while she is eating her snack! The sky was very overcast here again, but very warm again.

I could not take pictures in Richmond Hill, as I did not have a camera, or my cell phone with me. This picture above is as I landed back at the RV Park this afternoon. I used our new Sport Rack to tie down the kayaks on the roof of the Jeep. I was surprised the kayaks did not affect the gas mileage of the Jeep too bad... I thought it was going to be worse, as it is a two hour drive from Richmond Hill to Woodstock. It seemed to me the kayaks sat up very high on the roof.


The kids came out for a visit, and Chris helped me off load the boats. As soon as they were on the ground, Gwenny was running to get inside "Granny's Boat" as she called it! She loved pretending she was running the white water! These are 10 foot Pelican Quest 100's. They should perform real good in the water!

Gwenny and I were practicing getting in and out of the kayaks... a lot easier for her to get in than me! So, not to worry Tom, I made it home with the kayaks safely attached to the Rack with no mishaps! Thanks to you and Cheryl for all your help.

I hate to say this again... but it is raining here again tonight!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Maybe you should try Gwenny's approach. Start with your other leg first. Looks complicated but it might just

  2. If that rain keeps up, you will be paddling those new kayaks in the RV park. You could have rented them yesterday to needy Torontonians.!

  3. I think easier to get in the kayak on kand than in the water. Sounds like you gonna have fun thou.

  4. And here I expected to see you shooting the whitewater rapids instead of the green turf!

    I think Gwenny has the technique mastered.

    Just one word of advice, John - get a really good life jacket!!