Monday, July 22, 2013

Shooting the Thames...

This morning we had one thing on our minds... "let's go kayaking again..."

The internet is a grand device, and we found that we could run the Thames River from Springbank Park in London, down to the small Town of Delaware. It turned into a 12.8 mile ride on the Kayaks according to my Magellan GPS. Above is where we took off from, just below the dam in Springbank Park. As soon as we left this spot we had to deal with some rapids!


Judy took this video above of me coming down the rapids... you have to wait a few seconds for me to show up, but it is worth it!


Here is another shot of Cheryl above, shooting the rapids for the first time ever in a kayak! She did well!

Today must be all about Cheryl... as Judy took this great shot above of her shooting the Thames...

After kayaking for about 1 1/2 hours, it was time for lunch, and out of the blue, this picnic table shows up out of no where... go figure. We could not even figure how it got here... Someone left that Timmy's cup... was not us.

You have to keep your eye out for wildlife, and Judy "Eagle Eye" did just that, catching is great shot of a deer above... there was actually two, but one was camera shy...


  1. You guys are really becoming kayaking pros. Great clips of shooting the rapids.

    Better to see a deer while in a kayak than a gator while in the river!!

  2. That is a nice peaceful way to see the countryside, enjoy.