Sunday, November 27, 2011

California Dreaming…

Yes, you are reading it right, RVlifeonwheels is now California Dreaming… and loving it!

Sorry I could not post last night, but sometimes technical problems win out over us humans, and it happened last night…  For some reason my usually trust worthy Hughes Net System would not fire up properly, telling me I could not communicate with the host station, which is over in Maryland.  This morning, brought fresh eyes to the problem and before you know it, the system finally figured out where it was and fired up no problem… go figure. 

So California is all about playing in a sandbox… check out the kids below playing in the Imperial Sand Dunes, just west of Yuma, Az. yesterday… this is only a very small sampling, as there were hundreds… Thanksgiving Weekend will do that in this area…



We were about 4 1/2 hour drive over to Borrego Springs from John Wayne’s RV Ranch… and it turned out to be a nice day… 81 deg. F. or 27 deg. C depending on how you look at things in life… this guy below was ripping up the desert just outside Borrego Springs as we arrived.


First thing we did was score a fantastic boondocking spot, just near the Clark Dry Lake Bed… this is now our 3rd time we have camped here, and it has turned into a favourite spot for us for sure.


We enjoyed a real nice evening, with BBQ’ Steaks for dinner… guess what the first thing on my agenda was this morning as we awoke!!!!!!

Your right… I had to turn the Clark Dry Lake Bed into the large model airplane runway in the world today!  Here I am getting ready to fly… conditions… “PERFECT”  8:30 and it was in the hi 70’s already, OK, about 25ish C.  As you can see I have my winter uniform on… shorts and t-shirt… just the way I like it!


Before long my Super Cub was tearing up the skies over Clark… what a day to fly!


I dragged Judy down to Clark with with me, as a spotter, and picture recorder… she did a great job, as she catches me bringing in the Cub for a pin point landing below…


You can’t be standing around flying all day, so we soon packed up the planes, and decided to go just east of us along the S22 for a hike we found… Judy has all the gear on below, as well as packing our lunch!  It was a 1/2 mile out to the mountains you see behind her… and then we started up a ridge.


Up the ridge we go… what a beautiful day it was… love the sky here.


Judy kept lagging behind to take pictures…


We kept getting higher as we went…



Finally we made it out to the end of the ridge, and we won the prize… a great view of Clark Dry Lake Bed… what a spot… it is about 6 miles wide!


I found this survey marker at the end of the ridge…


I found this old Army Box Geo Cache at the very end of the trail… it was full of stuff, and we signed in the little book.


We had an amazing view as we enjoyed our lunch… you can hardly tell but the RV is out there with a few others in the picture below… (way out there… middle of the picture.)


When you get to this area… don’t horse around with these guys below… you will lose every time… I have!


This one below is not quite as bad, but can still bite!


Overall all, just a fantastic day… got a phone call in with Mother… she is doing well!

Leaf’s play tonight out here on the west coast so it is Hockey Night!!!!

A big RVlifeonwheels welcome, to Ruth, one of our latest new blog followers… and Muskokabird, good friends of ours from Ontario, who are hanging out somewhere down in this neck of the woods… good to have you all on board!

Till tomorrow…


  1. My husband would be drooling over those sand dunes.
    Enjoy the sun!

  2. What a great place to fly. No trees to get caught up in. Love the sunshine.

  3. Darn! Wish we could have met up there. Looks like you have a great site. I believe we saw that lake bed when we were there but didn't know what we were seeing. Great pictures Judy. Happy landings!

  4. love the new header shot!!!..looks like it was a great day for a hike and a flying session!!!

  5. Looks like a GREAT place to be staying and what a wonderful hike with treasures along the way...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. your blog and all those great pictures today just say "sigh" peace and quiet..what a wonderful day you had...

  7. Nice job flying you Cub and bringing it in for a safe landing. Looks like you had a perfect day and a great hike - nice pics too!

  8. Welcome back to California. That lake bed looks like the perfect flight field, and no trees to worry about. Glad your Mother is doing well. Nice pictures of the area. Hope we can meet you guy's sometime over your winter stay, would have been nice to of had you both at our Sands get together this past weekend. Nice Leaf win against the Ducks.

  9. Nice header! We also like the Boreggo Springs area. You are having great conditions for flying and hiking. Can't beat that!