Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey, let’s go play the slots!

What a day today was… 82 deg. F. or 28 deg. C. for the Canuks out there… lots of sun… what a great day… I started the day off down at the Clark Air Base,(formerly the Clark Dry Lake Bed…) flying planes and helicopters all over the place… perfect conditions again to fly! (some landings were better than others… but we won’t go there today!)

After I got back to the RV, I asked Judy what she had planned today, and she said “I want to go play in the slots!”…  I said, “OK, where is the local Casino???”

She said,  “No… silly, I want to play in the slot canyons!”   After a quick trip up to the Anza Borrego State Park Visitor’s Centre, we found a great slot canyon to hike in…

Before we went hiking… I was stealing sun rays, and charging up our house batteries with the solar panel that Shawn and Jenn got us before we left… it works great, and fast!


As we left the Vistor’s Centre we travelled down the Main Drag, of Downtown Borrego Springs… well at least there is lots of Palm Trees.


We headed out the S22 road, and pulled off for the trail to the Caltraite Mine… that is where the slot canyon starts…( The mine is kind of neat, right after the attack on Pearl Harbour, they mined Caltraite for bomber site optics… it worked great and the mine was busy, until they came up with a man made substitute, a few years later…)


No vehicles allowed up the slot canyon…


We no sooner started up the trail, and came across this great natural bridge… this is all made of sand stone remember… a wee bit crumbly…


Under the bridge I go… holding my breath!!!!


Lots of weird rock formations around this area…



You can just see where the water has come through, and formed the canyon… what a spot to spend the day!


OK… so things always have to get a bit crazy!!!!


Good thing we have 2 camera’s, as we would be passing one back and forth all the time!



Ya, there are a whole bunch of weird plants growing out here in the sandstone… weird for sure!


We hiked up the Canyon for 1 mile… (yes, I have an nice Magellan hand held GPS to tell me that!) and then we came to this!  At work we used to call this a “show stopper”!  I guess we could have got crazy and climbed over the rocks… but, hey, we want to live for another day!   We turned back!


I call this pic below the true meaning of a “slot canyon”… Judy is certainly playing the slots now! (Best part of these slots… you get to keep your money!)


We were back by 2 this afternoon at the RV and enjoyed some nice sunshine… as we were sitting, this guy walked by for the 4th day in a row!   He live here… don’t know what to call him though…???…. some kind of beetle…


Well, that is going to end our time here at Anza Borrego State Park… tomorrow we will head to Caliente Springs RV Resort and check in.   Yes, the hot tubs are a calling!  Wind is going to be up tomorrow though… we will have to see how bad it gets!

Till tomorrow…


  1. the 'slots' looked like they were a 'winner' today..and you never even had to pull out your wallet!!

  2. Beautiful hiking trail, all that sandstone makes it so scenic and interesting. Nice to hear you got some more flight time in before leaving. Enjoy those hot tubs.

  3. Great hike in the slots! Reminded me a bit of our hike in the Painted Canyon last year.

    You should get blown here fast from Borrego Springs today!

  4. It looks like we should leave the slots in Vegas and head to your kind of slots! looks like great hiking. we spent a few weeks in Borrego Springs boondocking and hiked palm canyon, but have not been to the slot canyons. we better do it!

  5. wow excellent hike..who would think plants of any kind can just grow out of the rock...excellent pictures

  6. Slot canyon looks awesome! I thought you were going to say you won thousands of dollars based on the title. Better luck next hike. =P